Holiday PostCards


This year I wanted to make more personalized cards for everyone and save a bit of cash in postage.  The logical conclusion was designing my own postcards! At 33 cents each to mail out postcards are great for penny pinchers.

The first step was to design the postcard.

I wanted to incorporate a quote by American writer Adela Rogers St. Johns because it is Christmas-y and uses my last name – Joy.

Using Paint.NET  I layered snowflakes with an antique paper texture.  Used glitter text for the quote and tada finito!
It is important when designing to use the correct size in making the postcards.  Regular sized postcards cannot exceed 6 by 4.25 inches or else you will have to pay greater postage.

The reverse side included my return address and space to write out the recipient’s address.  The Post Office asks that you include the words POST CARD just in case no one at the office can figure that out. Continue reading


Campus Wide Political Forum

politics on campus - debate

Another event advertisement for a campus wide forum on the 2012 election’s political issues.
Designed with Paint.NET

College Voting Statistics

democrats club infographic voting

Statistics on Voting for a campus awareness project to increase voter registration and political activity within the student body.  Infographic designed with Paint.NET

Presidential Debate 2012

First time project using the free graphics editing software Paint.NET